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Connected Leadership Program

The program is comprised of learning activities that are open-ended and interactive designed to foster the sharing of the ideas and experiences of the participants
rather than prescribing a narrow and specific range of predetermined leadership solutions. The content and learning activities are organized around a theoretical
Connected Leadership Framework®.


Connected Communications

The Connected Communications Program provides a model for use when seeking to influence how others think, decide, or act and when reflecting on the efforts of others to influence your own thinking, decisions, and actions. Connected Communications help individuals, teams, and organizations be stronger, safer, more accountable, more productive, more inclusive, and healthier.

Connecting with Executives

This program will give insight on how to connect with executives in ways that allow the attendee to contribute to their ability to think, decide, or act consistently with their roles and responsibilities.  To clearly articulate the purpose of the attendees presentation from their perspective and from the perspectives of the executives.  To gain and retain the attention of an executive audience.  To respond to questions in ways that extend the attendees message and further their intention. To conclude in a way that compels executives to make the best use of that which the attendee has shared, recommended, or asked.


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